How we care for our dogs.

Tho Akitas are addictive :) we will keep our numbers small, because I want to have the time to give all the love and care and training they need to my dear Akitas and their puppies.  Akitas DESERVE our time and what a dog you will have if you take the TIME! Our dogs are not kennel dogs. Each one is closely intertwined in our life. They are in their kennel only at night and when we are away from home, IF they are not inside or with us! Our dogs take turns staying in the house, take turns going on hikes, going on rides, etc... We love our Akitas and make sure they know it!

    Merlin built me (or my dogs, not sure which!) a nice dog barn and kennel runs, so when need be they are in their kennels and have indoor/outdoor access at all times. Our dogs get plenty of exercise, in addition to being allowed to romp on our 80 acres for hours every day, they also take turns going on walks with me every day.

     For dry food our dogs are fed good quality dog foods. Our dogs also often get meat and bones from our local butcher shop.  I often blend up left over raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs and mix it with canned dog food for them. Dogs need variety to be healthy.

    I use the same veterinary service that my family did all my growing up years. Please let me know if you would like to contact them for a reference. I will gladly give you their contact information. I also have many other people who have purchased pups from me who are more than willing to be a reference. I can give you their contact information if you just ask. In the meantime take a look at our testimonials  page. Thank you!

Our puppies

  Every puppy is loved and socialized from the day it is born. No puppies go home until 8 wks. old. My vet does a complete examination of my puppies at 6 wks. old. You will know everything WE know about our puppies prior to choosing a puppy. We are transparent. All puppies are always up to date on shots and dewormer. All puppies come with health and hips guaranteed.

  Shipping is not as easy as it used to be and much more expensive. We do not ship often anymore, but prefer if you drive or fly here to pick up your puppy. However shipping options may be discussed.

     We have a health/sale contract for the assurance of buyer and seller. My puppies come standard with 'limited' AKC registration. If wanting to breed or show, full registration is sometimes available for an additional price to approved homes.  I am always here to help with anything I can, just a phone call or email away. I want to know everything about my puppies, their successes and their problems! My puppies are for LOVING, PERMANENT HOMES ONLY! And I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, will act as a rescue for any puppy or dog that I have bred whose owner for any reason or circumstance feels he/she must give up the dog. WE STAND BEHIND OUR PUPPIES 100%!

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