Hello fellow Akita lovers!            Welcome to our Akita home on the web.

 I have always loved to hike in our lovely Colorado Rockies and I met my first Akitas on the summit of a 14,000 ft. peak and it was love at first sight! I purchased my first Akitas soon after that summit encounter. (No, I didn't do enough research, if you're wondering!) Thankfully, it was a beautiful melting of hearts!

  I have always been an animal lover. I grew up on a farm with dogs and puppies around my feet constantly and I have had a horse of my own since I was 7 and so by now I could not live without my horses and dogs. Thankfully I fell in love and married a man who loves my Akitas just about as much as me! Now together we hike, camp, trailride, or backpack and always include 1 or 2 of our Akita friends. I am a stay-at-home mom and so I have time to give my animals all the love, care and training they need! Merlin is an excellent, professional framing contractor as well as an egg farmer on the side. We raise free-range, organic eggs for grocery stores all over Colorado. We have 5 precious children so needless to say I am a busy mom!!!

   Well, my first 2 Akitas led me on a journey of research and I have learned a lot, with still much to learn I am sure. My goal is to provide quality, beautiful, healthy Akitas with excellent temperaments for companion families or individuals. We rarely show our dogs. Please enjoy photos of our dogs living the wonderful life they live! We love Akitas and if you have any questions about our dogs or the breed, please contact me. Thank you!

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