Akita INFO

A great link for more in depth Akita info is:  http://www.akitas-4-u.com

    Are you ready for the Akita experience???!!! Are you a person of self-discipline and perseverance who will take the time to properly train and socialize an Akita? Akitas MUST have proper socializing and training, and consistent leadership.   If you are willing to socialize, train and be a consistent leader for your Akita, I can promise you that your Akita will give back more loyalty and devotion than any human deserves! I am not trying to discourage you, because Akitas are WONDERFUL, but I want you to be aware and prepared!

    Akitas are generally independent. They love attention, but don't crave it. Akitas are not a dog that will be jumping all over you, licking you, and constantly in your face. Many Akitas are dog aggressive. Many Akitas do not get along with a dog (especially a dominant breed of dog) of the same sex. Akitas are born hunters with a high prey drive and unless raised with small animals may deem them as prey. Akitas will roam and hunt and unless you live in a remote area as we do, they must be fenced securely for their safety. Akitas need a medium amount of excercise. Akitas have energy, but are very rarely hyper. Akitas are known for their cat-like cleanliness!  Akitas are generally low maintenance when it comes to health and coat. However, they do blow their coat generally twice a year and you will be amazed at the amounts of fur that you brush out during that time!

   Well bred Akitas raised with children are very good and gentle with their children, but need to be socialized with many other children often as the puppy grows. 

    A typical well bred, well trained and socialized Akita will be dignified and polite, may not be overly friendly to strange people and dogs, but polite and controlled. A typical well bred, well-trained and socialized Akita will instinctively know between a threat and a non-threat and will never deem a child a threat!

   Akitas are VERY intelligent, but VERY stubborn. Trainability varies from dog to dog. They must be trained with CONSISTENT and FIRM leadership. Expect manners always. EXPECT A LOT AND YOUR AKITA WILL GIVE YOU A LOT.

   NOTE: Akitas generally accept what they have been accustomed to as puppies, so the more you can take your pup to new places, see new people, new dogs, different animals, children, the more accepting he/she will become as they grow older, but it needs to be an on-going practice until the pup is at least 2 yrs. old, or better yet.. a lifestyle! It doesn't have to be a great big inconvenient thing, just take the pup with you as often as possible and introduce it to as many new things as possible.  What a dog you will have if properly raised!!!

   Akita puppies are generally very good puppies! Easy to potty train, not overcome with energy, and not big chewers as long as they have their toys and bones to chew and play with; BUT I always say 1 puppy/dog is 3 puppies/dogs and 2 puppies/dogs are no puppies/dogs! If a puppy is an only dog, they will get bored and be more destructive in my experience. It helps tremendously to have more than one dog/pup, unless you take time to diligently help run off your puppy's energy!

   I love Akitas with all my heart, they are the perfect breed for my husband and I and our lifestyle. I hope many people can know the joys of owning an Akita, but only the right people. Carefully consider before purchasing an Akita and DO YOUR RESEARCH! I will be glad to give you as much information as I can in order to help you determine if the Akita is the right breed for you. Akitas are wonderful, but REQUIRE a loving, fair, self-disciplined master. And please remember... A puppy is a 10-15 yr. COMMITMENT, if you cannot commit to that length of time, do not purchase a puppy until you can. Please let me know if you have any questions at all considering this beautiful and wonderful breed!


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