Welcome Smokey!!! Our thankfulness knows no limits for the opportunity to have this amazing boy! We love all our dogs for their own reasons, but through the years I've had several heart dogs. Dear Smokey is my Heart Dog. He's at my side everywhere I go or asleep at my feet. We have been showing him and he has done well. He's drop dead gorgeous and a true guardian of his family. He is probably the most sensitive Akita I have had. Smokey is amazingly intuitive and instinctively knows the difference between a stranger and a friend. He has good size and bone, strong and powerful, weighing 105 lbs at 16 months old. He will keep filling out for a while yet.

AKC # WS69464702
DOB August 23, 2020 
OFA EYES pending

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures.

(In all the pictures below Smokey is between 2 and 14 months old. As you can tell, we have way too much fun with our dogs :) Most of these pics are quickly taken with my phone and my phone is old and the camera is bad, but enjoy this beautiful boy anyway!

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