Kuroi Kao's Rugged Expanse at LBA

  We call him Yukon. We waited a long time for this big guy, but he has rewarded the wait! Yukon loves people and children and is not dog aggressive. I do not think you could find a sweeter natured dog. His "gentle gene" must be a strong one as he passes it on to all of his puppies! He has the kindest, gentlest temperament; not to mention beautiful, too. He is everything we love about Akitas!  He is a layed back, 'sleep in the sun all day' dog until he catches a whiff of "walk!" and then he is head over heals with joy and energy! We love his massive and gorgeous head! I wish you all could meet him. He is 105 lbs. DOB Jan. 3, 2009. AKC #: WS29068402. Hips certified OFA GOOD.  

Click here for pedigree.

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