WHAT am I feeding my dear pet???

We highly recommend Life's Abundance pet food and products.



---Number 1 ingredient is meat. Other ingredients include carrots, brown rice, flaxseed meal, blueberries, oat groats, broccoli, parsley, egg, catfish meal, pomegranate extract, and more...

---NO corn, wheat, or soy! Almost indigestible. These are cheap protein sources, but what good is a protein source when your pet cannot digest it?

---MADE IN THE USA! What could be better for our economy? Ingredients are all sourced in the USA and are all from the very same sources that supply our human supermarkets and delicatessens. The plant which makes Life’s Abundance has gone to the effort of obtaining a special certification that verifies that meat ingredients be of human grade/quality and can be sold to the European Union, which has extremely high standards, higher than the US. Plus, this certification requires that not only is the pet food manufacturing plant inspected, all vendors are inspected as well, by the USDA. Very few pet food manufacturers qualify for this certification.

 ---There has never been a recall in the 20 year history of the company.

 ---Life’s Abundance is made in small batches weekly and shipped directly to customer’s homes, guaranteeing freshness and safety. They control all warehousing of the pet foods, treats, and supplements. With almost every other pet food made, once the product leaves the manufacturer, they have no control as to how safely the pet food is warehoused; if it is subjected to pesticides, rodents, and/or extreme heat. The Petco warehouse problem in 2008 is the perfect example of what can go wrong: http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm048124.htm. The FDA seized all pet foods in this huge warehouse due to contamination from unsanitary conditions as the result of rodent and bird feces. Life’s Abundance on the other hand, has three of its own warehouses across the country; all pest control is done outside the warehouse. This completely removes the risk from unknown warehouse conditions as with typical pet foods. It turns out that how a pet food is sold is really just as important as the ingredients.

 ---Contains high quality meats, grains, fruits, vegetables and a powerful antioxidant, pomegranate extract. Containing more than 50 healthful ingredients, Life’s Abundance helps pets live longer, healthier lives. It’s exciting that there are actual studies proving that ingredients like those in Life’s Abundance do indeed actually add years to dogs’ and cats lives!

---These nutrients have been studied for years and are known to promote health and fight disease in people and in animals. The American Cancer Society encourages us to eat a “rainbow” of fruits and vegetables every day. This goes for our dogs too. Life’s Abundance contains Pomegranate Extract, a potent antioxidant, along with beets, broccoli, watercress, celery, lettuce, carrots, parsley, and blueberries, a true rainbow of health.

 ---Live probiotics (friendly bacteria) are guaranteed and help our pets to have a healthy gastrointestinal tract. The GI tract has several important roles and is a prominent part of the immune system. The purity and nutrition in the food we feed our pets is so important in so many ways.

 ---Minerals are chelated (proteinated) for better absorption, up to 60% more of each mineral is absorbed when minerals are chelated.

 ---There are no harmful chemical preservatives. Many pet food companies buy fish meal (and other meals) that have been preserved with ethoxyquin at the source. Only the ingredients that the pet food company puts in foods are included on the label (the preservatives in fat being the exception). Some companies claim that they use only natural preservatives when in fact the fish meal in the food contains ethoxyquin. Fish meal in Life’s Abundance is preserved with Naturox, a safe, natural (and more expensive) preservative.

---Most of us don’t think about how pet food is cooked or how the ingredients are prepared to make kibble. In reality, this is a very important part of the quality of pet foods and influences how digestible the food is. Life’s Abundance has a carbohydrate digestibility that is over 90%. This means that the grains that are used are very finely ground and when your dog eats the food the carbs are already 90% digested before they enter his digestive system. In most pet foods this ‘carb conversion’ is only around 70%. This means that Life’s Abundance is more nutritious and easier to digest than many foods on the market.

---All products are formulated and backed by a veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks. She is a highly respected and nationally recognized veterinarian. Dr. Jane has been featured numerous times on Animal Planet, CNN, 48 hours, Discovery Channel, and Good Morning America. She’s the author of three national books on pet care and nutrition, has been awarded three Presidential citations, and has served on many professional Boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center and the Morris Animal Foundation. She is truly renowned among pet food industry experts.

---The products are delivered fresh to your door on auto shipment. No more lugging large bags of food and no worry that you will run out. One more thing to think about not necessary to think about, which gives you more free time! YAY, I say! :)

I am a field representative of LIFE'S ABUNDANCE and would be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding this wonderful company or click on the link below to order your premium LIFE'S ABUNDANCE today!  www.lifesabundance.com/LittleBearAkitas 

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